God’s Plan


God's Plan

“Your plans are better than my dream…”

Things such as this help me very much in difficult times. Yesterday was one of those difficult times. I had to learn to let go of the situation and trust that God knows what He is doing when He creates certain obstacles and controls the outcomes of my experiences and daily life.

After this quote helped me, I tweeted the last few words “Your plans are better than dream”. I tweet these things as a simple reminder to me that this has helped me before and in hopes that it may help someone else through a difficult time as they scroll through their timeline.

This note of encouragement was taken out of context from the person who changed my plans of auditioning for American Idol. The context they took it in made them assume that I was referring to themself, when in reality, I was taking the game out of their hands and putting it into God’s hands, where it has been the whole time. So tweeted again…”God’s plans are better than my dream”…didn’t make things much better.

Mood: frustrated with the handling of the situation all around. There goes a friendship that has been in construction since 2006…