This summer I have truly found three things I am most passionate about: Retail (the fashion part of it), special education, and singing. Although I did not make it to pursue what I consider a dream of mine through American Idol, I have reconnected with the voice God has so graciously given me. Although one door may have been shut in the meantime, my desire to sing continues and strengthens, in hopes of beginning to sing at my home church in Statesboro.

In addition to this, I have come to realize I long for a permanent and growing relationship with one or multiple special needs students. I miss hanging out with Michael Pardue and I will miss JC Edwards after hanging out with him this summer. I am eager and ready to see what my future will hold in this area of my life. Through God’s will, I wait with baited breath to encounter the plans He has made for my future, in whatever category of my life it may lie.

And when it comes to the retail part, really I just love fashion. I love 30% off the clothes I buy. And I love most of my coworkers, and it will be bittersweet leaving my Athens store and heading back to the Statesboro store. That being said, if all the above fails (in my mind) or succeeds with what God has planned, I can always lean back on my Entourage Clothing & Gifts. It’s my ride or die and as much shopping as I’ve been doing lately, I could use the extra 30% off to keep me going.