All Moved In!

The day has finally come and passed. Blogging has not been on the top of my priority list. Social media or technology at all has not been at the top of my priority list either. I got back to Statesboro Thursday afternoon to hang out with my big, Mckensie, before the festivities of recruitment began consuming my life. Well as soon as I arrived, I was put to work. After preparing for recruitment all day Thursday and a nice glass or two of wine that night with a wonderful meal Macdaddy cooked, early Friday morning hit the mark of being in a full swing of things.

I began to move into my new house with my three other roommates! We are in Aspen Heights and are loving our little yellow house to death! I’ve finished decorating my room and bathroom, but we still have to finish the kitchen and the living room! It really has turned out to be so cute! Love my parents so much for helping me move in even when I couldn’t be there!

The whole chapter is coming back in the morning to begin full on preparation for the potential new members of our wonderful Fraternity and sisterhood! I cannot wait to meet my future little and the addition to my nugget family!

I decided to catch up on the blogging for a few minutes. Now it’s back to enjoying my first hot bath in my new home for the next year! What better way to unwind than with Kiwi and Watermelon candlelight and a little Netflix.


It’s here!

Tomorrow is the day I’m leaving Athens for a long time until my cousin’s wedding! Move in to Aspen Heights is on Friday DURING recruitment workshops! Thank goodness my parents are coming down to help me move until I can get there! It’s been a long night cleaning my car and packing everything up! I just hope it all goes smoothly this weekend!

I’m going tomorrow, Thursday to be there on time for workshop Friday and for a little big/little bonding time! Can’t wait to pop open that first bottle of wine with her and cook us a good meal! Love her and I’m blessed to the extreme to have her as my big and my best friend! Not only her, but her living family as well!

Also tonight, I keep those troubled and those in my past in my prayers. I’ve had a heavy heart for those around me tonight. I pray that Ian finds a path and a future that may eventually lead to a relationship with You and that he may face his church commitment issues. I pray that Drew may find a peaceful life and that Elizabeth may reach out to him with Your graceful hand. I also pray that this upcoming year blessed Cole and the future he has ahead of him. I pray You give him time to think about his life in a new perspective and that You give him the healthy relationship he needs with whomever You have chosen. Whether that be Kendall or whether that be You. And lastly I pray for Timmy and Austin in that You guide my relationship with them and the words I choose to first speak to them. I pray for blessings and trials in this upcoming year while in Statesboro. May I always remember the magic of Your touch and may I always reach out for Your hand, not only in times of trouble but in times of loneliness, need for comfort, companionship, and when I need advice. I pray I can come to You with every problem. Lord bless my family. My mother and father and the relationship that is there or not there. Love ya, mean it!